Tour Bus NYC customers in the Riverdale area know that Aoyu Sushi is one of the very best places to get an amazing array of sushi rolls and fresh sashimi at very affordable prices! Don't judge this old fashioned book by its cover, it's actually modern and classy inside! Just right for your tour bus trips. If you thought you had to point your tour bus driver all the way to Manhattan for some super fresh sashimi, you're wrong! This place has all that and more. Amazing miso soup, delicious grilled salmon, and super impressive peanut avocado rolls. Located in the Riverdale area at 3532 A Johnson Ave, Riverdale, NY 10463. Call (718) 884-6633 for info.


If a burger joint and wine bar combined into one perfect establishment sounds like a dream come true for you, then be sure to check out Locksmith Wine & Burger Bar in the Riverdale area. Your Tour Bus NYC chauffeur will be all too happy to take you there. Their Sunday brunches are an ideal time to come in, or any day of the week to enjoy those tasty burgers and wine. The garlic fries are the perfect thing to pair with whatever you choose as your entree. They play a wide array of music here including some good old school '90s hip hop. Located in the Riverdale and Washington Heights area at 4463 Broadway, New York, NY 10040. Call (212) 304-9463 for info.


Yokohama is another sushi bar that we think is beyond ideal for your Tour Bus NYC trips in the Riverdale area. They've got a whole lot of creative rolls to choose from here that are a very fresh change from all the usuals that you've had a time or two too many. The smoked salmon skin with cucumber or avocado is always an excellent choice and we're also huge fans of the chuka salad roll. If you're more of an entree type of person, the sukiyaki chicken is too perfect. We could dine on it every single day! The singular downside is: No alcohol! Located in the Riverdale and Kingsbridge area at 438 W 238th St, Riverdale, NY 10471. Call (718) 549-2606 for info.


Coogan's is a traditional Irish pub, bar, and restaurant that is just too ideally located for your Tour Bus NYC trips in the Riverdale area. The buffalo wings are our personal fave here, but we'd also very highly recommend the shepherd's pie to you, and the sweet potato fries are just a must-have no matter what your entree is! Let's not forget to mention the Dublin style fish and chips, and of course the chicken pot pie! This is one of the more ideal late night locations in our service area as they're open until 4 AM every single night! Located in the Riverdale and Washington Heights area at 4015 Broadway, New York, NY 10032. Call (212) 928-1234 for info.


New Leaf Restaurant & Bar is one of the most romantic restaurants that you could ever choose to dine at in the Riverdale area during your Tour Bus NYC trip. If you're celebrating a wedding or anniversary, this just might be your place. It's a little pricey but well worth it. The breakfasts and brunches are wonderful and we love their fluffy scrambled eggs. The soup of the day is always good... we love it when they have carrot ginger. The duck terrine is just fantastic too. The Prince Edward Island mussels are amazing! Located in the Riverdale and Washington Heights are at 1 Margaret Corbin Dr, New York, NY 10040. Call (212) 568-5323 for info.

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